Friday, 16 December 2011

Another Inactive Friday

So yeah. Another Friday with a severe lack of posts from yours truly. I know, I know.. I should be ashamed. And I am.. well.. a little at least. But not enough for it to warrant an actual post. This is more of an "I'm sorry for the lack of posts" -post. Are things going to get better at some point? Of course. Is it going to be in this year? Hopefully, but possibly not. Things are very hectic right now to say the least. Yeah it's Christmas time which always makes my wife depressed.. so there's that. Things are also stressful at work because it's the rush season right now. On top of that I am currently looking for a job in the UK because we're going to move there within the next couple of months or sooner. At least that's plan. That's why I felt the need to give my website a make-over.. well.. that and the fact that it was about time it got a make-over. Anyway. I'm stressed and as such, my blog will probably continue to be a bit inactive for a couple of weeks.

That's all for now, Goodnight and sweet lucid dreaming.