Monday, 26 December 2011

Silence Fills The Empty Grave

And well.. other deep things people might say to desperately grab someone's attention when they have just neglected to blog for a while, feel bad about it but don't see things changing any time soon. All in due time my friends, all in due time. And it nothing else, hopefully by the time I have more time to post something longer than a few sentences, I will also come bearing good exciting news.. but as of right now. No, not so much. I promise I will tell you all there is to tell about my audition for Idols and everything else I have neglected to share in these past two-ish months. But alas, as things are looking right now (for reasons I won't say here) I will probably not tell much until next year. Luckily for you (all seven of you) that's like under a week. But a lot can happen in less than a week, life changing things even.. which probably makes it sound more dramatic than it is. But at least I think it's a bit life changing.. maybe not "I'm dying of a rare congenital condition and only have two weeks to live" -dramatic.. but dramatic nonetheless. So if you wouldn't mind, bare with me a little while longer. And hopefully you won't end up being disappointed by the end of it..

At least I have started being more active at twitter lately. Even though most of the crap I write there is probably of very little interest to anyone. For those of you curious enough.. here you go.

One last things now that I think about it. A promise to my future self, the start of next year shall bring light to darkness, no matter the outcome.. okay? Okay. That's a promise, and I try to keep the few promises I make.