Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lazy Sunday Rain

Because it's Sunday, it's raining. And well… I suppose I'm lazy. Yes, especially because I'm lazy. So lazy so, that this post will mostly feature a bunch of videos stuff about indie and/or AAA games I would really like to play. If watching reading that doesn't float your boat, well… I hope you brought a life vest.

I am seriously behind on my gaming. Which when written out like that really does sound like a "First World Problem" (dagens I-lands problem). "Oh no, I'm sooo behind on my gaming, when will I ever find the time to play all these wondrous games I would like to play?"

But it's true, since moving to the UK my gaming has only gotten less, considering it wasn't very much to begin with that's means that — aside for the tiny amount of Minecraft — I don't play any games, at all. So do I wish I would have brought my — I left it in Finland — Xbox 360 with me? No, not really, it was getting too aged and unreliable. It was one of those really early editions with a 20GB HDD so yeah, I didn't feel like taking it with me. But I do wish I had one, like right here and right now that I could play Assassin's Creed III on. But here I am, sitting all sans-console.

Oh well, can't win them all I suppose. At least I still have my dignity — I don't — and no one can ever take that away — you can — from me.

Anyway. Until I have managed to resolve this sans-console conundrum you're just going to have to settle with "Games I Would Like To Play" rather than "Here's What I Thought About This Game I Played". Like a fat kid talking about how much they love candy whilst being on a diet.

So what would I like to play? Well, aside for the earlier mentioned Assassin's Creed III, I would really like to play Dishonored. Then there's of course all the other games I have talked about before that I still haven't gotten around to playing yet. I am also quite curious about Far Cry 3. And damn you 343 Studios, you finally got me intrigued about Halo 4, much thanks to the incredible Forward Unto Dawn live-series. Which, if you haven't watched already, you so mother-fucking totally should. (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I would also like to fund Sir, You Are Being Hunted with hopes of getting to play it sometime next year, because how cool doesn't "survival and stealth in a procedurally-generated world" sound!