Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mary Fudgemas

Which you know… sort of, kind of, rhymes with "Merry Christmas". But this post isn't about Christmas. Don't worry though, we'll get to that at a later date. No, this post is mundanely just some minor ramblings and two pictures.

The town of Maidstone — where we're currently stationed — was having the annual igniting of the Christmas tree in the — former — town square and having a 4-year old is about the best excuse you can have for going. So we went.

To my surprise the English people can't really behave as well when they're moving without motor vehicles. Confused? That's all right, allow me to explain quickly.

See, moving here I was struck both with awe- and in the face as it became apparent that comparing Finland to England and its drivers was a comparison that simply couldn't be made. Why? Because most of us are assholes — to drivers and pedestrians alike — in traffic. Whereas you — for the most part as apposed to our "rarely" — are polite against your fellow people and smooth in terms of traffic flow. Sure you have congestions like the rest of us, but overall… you're nicer than we are.

So imagine my surprise when I noticed that once the motor vehicles were removed, herd-mentality strikes and you start moving around and behaving like… well… idiots. Just like us, in traffic.

Other than that, it was very interesting and fun to be surrounded by so much lights. Now all that's left is for us to start decorating for Christmas. After which I will do a "real" — and quite possibly longer — post about Christmas.

Countdown to ignition completed.

Not my kind of Christmas tree but I do enjoy the brightness anyway.