Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Death of One, The Life of Another

Which probably sounds a lot more mystical and life-altering that it should when really, it's about how my stupid USB-Mouse decided to die on me today but "Hey", at least the Gyro sensor on my phone is working again. Weird, right? And not to so mystical. More after the jump.

Imagine my surprise and frustration this morning. Aside for the fact that I didn't post anything yesterday. Which obviously means that I failed my "Post something every day until the end the year" -challenge. However, since the reason for that challenge was to successfully post more than last year I am still on the right path of doing that. I had a few days to spare — very convenient in hindsight — and should/will be able to more than 96 posts.

Though according to a quick search on Google and some basic maths it appears that there's only 51 days left of the year. And I need 50 more posts to beat my quota. Hmm, I feel like I might have missed a zero — or some other significant number — in my original calculations. Well that's… unfortunate but can not be helped.

As you might have noticed, the writing has made a noticeable drop in quality as of last week or so. Or maybe I'm being delusional, maybe the writing was never any good? Consider this an actual questions that I sincerely hope to get an answer to, what is interesting to read about? My dead mouse? My private life with its ups and downs? The progress of my — so far 10-day — moustache for Movember?

Well, what do you know. Turns out this post was actually more mystical and life-altering that I at first anticipated with the death of one writer and the life (or birth) of another one. And here I thought it was about technology being unreliable. It's good that my phone's Gyro is working again by the way, because that means I can test the new website on it. It's too bad that since the computer mouse decided to die I can't actually get anything done. Because… well… I hate the laptop trackpad— and can't use it — with such a burning passion that I considered simply not using the laptop. Until I remembered that I have to write today's post. You know, not for me, but for my many fans.

So, what would you like more of?

One thing is for sure though. As of now, I want to stop writing about not writing. To me it actually holds a certain degree of interest because… well I think everything is interesting. So whilst I think it's interesting to analyse things, one does reach a certain point when one — me — is just analysing the analysing. And which point you should really stop and tell — not ask — yourself "Good, you've done that bit now. Now you're done. Move on."

So I'm going to move on. So, whilst I'd really appreciate an answer to my earlier question don't assume I will actually follow anyone's advice. But rest assured, it's only after careful consideration that I'm disregarding your stupid advice.

Tomorrow, I have been smoke-free for 7 weeks. That's something worth celebrating in some way.