Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Quest For The Perfect Gingerbread Cookie

It has begun. Unless if was already apparent by yesterdays little story — and more accurately where it ended, but I can imagine that maybe that was only clear to me — I have begun looking for the perfect gingerbread cookie recipe.

It all began many, many years ago. As long as I can remember my mother has always made good amount of gingerbread dough and as Christmas started approaching we would all gather together that day and bake gingerbread cookies. Despite not always being enthusiastic about these yearly baking at the time, I can now look back at it as time well spent. And time that I will always cherish.

So. Now, I have a family of my own. I've grown up… well, as much as one can at this point in life. Living in a different country. My wife — for the first year — is genuinely excited about Christmas, which means I get to be transparently excited about Christmas as well. Not that I'm super-mega excited or anything but at least I can be however excited I actually am. Which is nice. And also brings me to today, to right now. To my quest to find the perfect gingerbread recipe.

Obviously, when I say the perfect recipe I mean the perfect recipe in my opinion. A quick internet search has showed me that when it comes gingerbread cookies there are apparently quite a variety of opinions as to what's good and what's bad. So I've settled on never getting a recipe that everyone — in the world — likes, but I am going to get a recipe that works awesomely for me and my family.

After some more researching, finding only a few recipes that I even liked it dawned on me that I had yet to ask the best source for a good recipe. My mother. So a quick email later I now have what I assume is the very same recipe that I my mother always baked.

I could simply pass along the tradition using the exact same recipe but I'm not. Not because it isn't a good recipe, it is but because I want to make my own contribution to the recipe. So I'm going to adjust, modify and otherwise change to recipe. Not by much, but hopefully to improve it even further.

I'll share the recipe — for those who might actually be interested — once I have baked with it. That way I'll have some nice pictures to go with it as well.