Sunday, 1 December 2013

Carlos’ Countdown ‘Til Christmas (23)

Remember last year, when I wrote a post—almost—every day for the last two months or so, in hopes of filling a magical imaginary quota that I had set for myself?

Yeah, those were excruciating times, weren’t they?

Firstly though, with Movember finally over I got to shave.  For the last week of Movember I had planned on grooming my moustache into a thin villainous one. Basically like John Waters. Turned out my facial growth is still on the meagre side and I instead ended up looking more like myself, circa 15 years ago. Not a pretty sight I assure you, I simply didn’t have the density and colour to pull it off. Which meant that for the last week of Movember I got to walk around with a sparsely grown “moustache”, if you could call it that.

Now back to the idea, feast your fleshy sensory organs on this years spectacle:

Exciting, right? The premise is pretty simple; I’ll post something which should hopefully delight and tickle your imagination. Or at the least, give you a smile on your face.

Some of posts will obviously be in their usual format at their usual length but most will be short, to the point and might even consist of just a photo or a video. The only rule—because what are we without limitations in our creativity?—is that it needs to be Christmas related, if nothing else, at the very least, tangential.

So there we have it.

Join me in this years Christmas countdown.

Who knows, maybe one of the days will feature none other than that overdue book of mine?

Here’s the first of many—23—more posts about Christmas.

The first candle of Advent Sunday has been lit. Ignore the lack of snow outside, this is England after all.