Monday, 17 August 2009

Progress, it's like going forward without moving...

Progress, it's like going forward without moving... yes thou may quote-eth me-eth.. :)

Anyway, despite the storm currently roaring around, there are some possibly good or potentially awesome news as well. And for reasons I won't go into I'll just go with the good stuff this time.

Today I have been interviewed on live radio. Enjoy the link, or well don't depending on your mood..

Today I also managed to get myself and interview for our local newspaper Vasabladet, so look forward to an article about my board game in the not so distant future..

Continued the last paragraph I also managed to contact a major international board games publisher, they actually seems interested by my prototype and here's hoping it will turn into something more. Of course the odds are quite against me as they have apparently in the last 4 years only accepted 2 board games from outside developers. But one can always hope for the best and prepare for a "thank you, but no thank you." If nothing else I am going to make damn sure I get some feedback to improve from. Feedback is always a good thing, unless of course you get booed of stage by people screaming that you suck. That sort of feedback might not be so good.

But I've begun to work on a presentational package I can send, so besides that, here's doing the only other thing I can do. Hope.

Regression, it's like going backwards without moving. And no, thou may-eth not quote-eth me-eth.. :P