Friday, 28 August 2009

To pensée or not to pensée..

Nah, I'm just joking I already know that I'm definitely one who likes to pensée.
My excuse for this rather pointless post/title is that I just wanted a reason to upload a picture of this pansy that bambina found on the roadside whilst walking from town.

On another note, I just finished designing my third tattoo, it's gonna be a small and "kinda" discrete one, but nice nonetheless. I won't post a picture of the design though because I always want my tattoos to be unique in both the sense that no one else hopefully has them, and also they need to mean something. My two earlier tattoos both have a very strong symbolic meaning. And I'm continuing on that path. It'll be interesting to see what the tattoo for my arm (possible 4th tattoo) will look like, as I only have a general concept idea so far, but no clue as to what it will look like. Well time will tell I suppose.

I'll post a picture of my third tattoo when it's done though. So then all my million readers (read; two) can see it. I also thought I would post the lyrics to Most Lesbians maybe tomorrow, just for the fuck of it. I feel it could be a good getting-drunk-sing-a-long-kinda song, but for that people would have to know the lyrics.

Until then you'll have to settle the previously mentioned picture of the pansy bambina picked for me. Lack of focus indented.