Monday, 15 March 2010

It's (still) alive!

Yay! It's (still) alive! I was almost certain that irony and all things that usually go wrong would've made sure that my laptop wouldn't work. But whattaknow it actually does work... It still has a faint smell of O'Boy and by advise from a friend I am considering opening it up and cleaning it. It's not like I'm going to void the warranty anyway. But I haven't decided yet as I am unused to fiddling with the inner workings of laptops so I really don't know what to except, especially since I also found out that the previous owner had spilled some beer on it on.

Then again. At least it works. So far. I'm happy as a fucker can be. You know? According to the official definition of the amount of appropriate happiness a fucker can experience during any given time. I'm right there, experiencing that proper amount.

I'm done blogging for now. So on a final note, I trying to think of something random to write. But right now I'm getting distracted by Sex and the City (yes I watch it and kinda like it).

Here's your randomness by the way.

Hello, my name is
Big Boner

The picture is just in the spirit of how I felt when I realized that my laptop is working...