Thursday, 4 March 2010

Is art crap?

Or maybe more specifically.. is this crap? (the photo at the end of the post)

I was "filming" for my next narcissistic music video for when I started playing around with some settings. Well at least, the few settings that are available on a Samsung A503 camera.. it's not a very good camera.. no wait.. I'm sorry... it's not a very technical camera.. it's good enough for me, and I kinda like the grainy look everything gets regardless of how good the lighting is. Which is why my lighting is usually crap.. And just can't be bothered to bother, so to speak. Because in the end, it's not going to be what I would want... and also.. I kinda like the grainy look..

Anyways.. filming as I were. I managed to squeeze out three covers. Personally I am not pleased with any of them. The video is pretty much exactly what I had imagined, but the audio is sub-par at best and I just generally feel like I suck when singing (not my day today I suppose...)

So for funsies.. (yes Firefox, I know it's not a real word..) I thought I would ask you kindly, dear readers.. (yes both of you)

Which song shall I embarrass myself with on The song with most of the votes gets uploaded. In the case of a tie, I will personally pick the person I respect the most (who voted) or just randomly.. and that song gets uploaded.

Your options are;
Excess Baggage — Staind
I Can't Make You Love Me — Bonnie Raitt
I Miss You — Blink 182

You have until next time I blog, which will be whenever I feel like it. But probably tomorrow.

So until then, enjoy this (possibly) crappy photo/art.

Taken with the earlier mentioned Samsung A503 w Invert. The only editing I did is cropped it 9:6 ratio, added a black border and of course the text frame.
No colour adjustments, no gaussian blur. Nothing else.