Saturday, 13 March 2010

I changed my mind..

I changed my mind. After listening to the songs I recorded, several times I might add. I changed my mind and decided to "fuck it".. Well not literally. I'm not going to upload any of the choices I gave you earlier, dear readers. (Again, both of you). Without going into too many details, I'll just summarize the sucky-ness they possessed.

- They sucked Japanese penis.

So instead I'm going to upload one of my own songs, but not just yet. I have to write it first. So unfortunately you'll have to stay tuned until then. For some reason I've become more "a fan" of playing my own music compared to making covers of other people's music. I guess that's the progression of developing as a musician or some shit.

In the spirit of the Japanese sucky-ness I thought about linking to the reference for that comment, then you would understand. But I can't bare myself to wade through Japanese game shows just to find that specific one. You'll just have to trust, it's weird and gross and if you actually saw, you can not unsee it. So really, I'm doing you a favor.

And I promise (cross my balls and hope to score) to upload a song as soon as I've written it. You'll just have to make do with my ramblings until then.

BTW. I have a publisher (who's name I will not disclose) who is a little more interested (than others have been) in my board game. They want me to send them the prototype. Hurray for me! Just need to make a presentational package to send to them. Nothings certain yet of course, but one (I) can always hope for something awesome!

Managed to roll out a small update to my website last week, now there's a cover image of the latest game I've played. I'm pleased with the result even though it feel a bit hacky. It's not that bad, it just has a flaw that I am aware of, but choose to ignore. We'll see how long it takes for it to bite me in the ass.

Today's rambling were presented to you by:
Kanagavel Kakka

Roughly translated (badly, from two languages and for the purpose of fun) means; Chicken-Gable Poo.

And as a hidden bonus, I dare you to google search Kanagavel Kakka. No, seriously.. google it. And then come back here once you realize what it actually is the name of... Don't worry, I'll wait.

...Oh you're back (or never left). Well either way I'm done, so bye.