Sunday, 14 March 2010

Blogging on my new (old) laptop

.. Yay!

Finally managed to score myself a laptop. Technically the previous post was also written on my new (old) laptop, but I didn't feel like sharing about it at the time. "Yay, nobody cares!". I've always been a fan of used stuff, well at least sometimes. I doubt I would buy a used Xbox 360. Then again, an old Xbox (1) I would totally buy. I already have one, but for some time I have been thinking about getting another one. Not sure anymore why, but I distinctly remember wanting another one. My fondness for used stuff varies. But a laptop is a total go. So a friend of mine bought a new (smaller) laptop, and thus I bought his old one, my new laptop.

In case anyone's curious, it's a Acer Aspire 3100 something.
With an uppgraded RAM (2GB)
120Gb Harddrive
~1.8GHz AMD Sempron

Currently running Windows 7. Which I have become a huge fan of. It's no powerhouse machine by any means, but It'll be perfect for my writing needs. This way I can chill in my sofa with the guitar instead of having to cram myself at the main computer. It's gonna be awesome! Come to think of it, I'm gonna write some right now.

So fuck of for now, I'm gonna continue my coffee and write some music.

FYI, Here's a random google picture of some laptop, it could be my laptop.. it could also not... But no, it very much is a picture the model I now have.