Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Garden of Eden

I was going to write a long complicated post about a lot of different things, including vague references to the Garden of Eden. But I took me a lot longer to Adobe Photoshop the picture than I had anticipated.

So instead of my usual long rants (yeah I know, it's a shame..) I'm pretty much just going to post the picture, you'll laugh at my futile attempt of humor and/or Adobe Photoshop skills, we'll both have a good time and you'll press the like button next to the title. I mean, let's face it, you totally wants to, don't you? Take notice of the extra awesome-ness that is the fact that this is my first post ever, to include a partial picture of my wife-to-be. She's the one with the attached hamster, because let's face it... but even in the Garden of Eden, there are hamsters 'a lurking.