Sunday, 21 November 2010

What if?

... I wrote a childrens book. That's an idea that occurred to me yesterday. Every now and then we (me and my wife-to-be.. and also our son) have Creativity Days at my mom's place. I can imagine what you might be thinking but it's actually something we all enjoy, some perhaps more than others but fun nonetheless.

This time I had decided to try watercolour painting. If never really been a fan of watercolours, the somewhat slow drying time and my severe lacking technique means it's never something that's stuck with me, even though I've tried it before. Anyways.. but because I've never been into it I thought I would try my hand at it again, yeah I do that with things sometimes, try them, don't like them, try them again later in case things have changed. So after painting some; kind of okay mountains, and ugly tree and shitty grass I tried experimenting around. Basically everything was a bit ugly and not to my standard.

But then I got the idea that I would cut the paper to square sized pieces and I started thinking about making some sort of Greeting cards. Did some of that, some of it sucked monkey-ass, another one actually got kind of nice, which I gave to my mom. I didn't think it was nice enough to keep I suppose. Finally though, I was getting somewhere.. an idea formed in my head and I just went for it.. and painted this...

For some reason, I'm actually not quite sure myself, this little bastard appealed to me. So I decided to paint two more. I haven't scanned them yet, so you'll just have imagine them being equally awesome... even though they're not, this one is actually the best one. This painting in turn inspired the idea of "What if I wrote a children's book"?

Yeah, despite what you might be thinking, I am actually being serious. I not quite sure how the story would play out yet, in fact I don't know the story at all. But if you are interested in pre-ordering, I have managed to make a mock-up of the book in Adobe Photoshop. I really feel like "Yeah, I would really like to write a children's book!" Also the pre-ordering part was totally a joke, I doubt anyone would pre-order an idea, but you have to admit the book looks nice, doesn't it?

Look out for "Gluffen som ingenting visste, men ville veta allt" an autobiographical drama by me in book stores near you.. Nah I'm just joking, obviously, like I already said it's a children's story not an autobiographical drama.

That will be all this time, stay tuned for more scenes from next weeks episode of "I wonder what the 'eff he's gonna write next"...

On next weeks episode of "I wonder what the 'eff he's gonna write next" we witness the thrilling conclusion of I ♥ Herbs, what happened to Basil's home? Is Tarragon really as innocent as he looks? Will Thyme ever find the love she rightfully deserves? Also, we finally get to find out why Lemon Balm left his two wives to look for his parents.