Sunday, 7 November 2010

Pumpkin, Fable III, MacGyver & Inspiration

It's sometimes difficult to blog, because I feel like blogging but I don't reeeee'ally know what to blog about. Sure I can always come up with things to say but most of it lack importance, or so I feel. So because of this I have decides to never blog again...

..awkward silence..

Nah, I'm just kidding, I might have very long breaks occasionally and only blog a couple of times in a month but I always bounce back and then suddenly blog three times in the same day (like yesterday..)

The reason for the title this time actually makes sense, all of the things mentioned in the title will be featured in this post.. starting... now!

Our Halloween pumpkin is starting to look.. well.. more creepy than when it was fresh. Unfortunately it's also starting to smell a bit funky so I don't think it will last much longer. But I'm glad I took a picture of it before it goes in the trash.

My Limited Collector's Edition Fable III, it's really nice looking, albeit I'm still a little frumpy that the Limited Collector's Edition Fable II got so badly nerfed that almost none of the things "promised" appeared in it. But at least my Fable III LCE has got stuff. And to top it of, I got a surprise gift yesterday from the friend I went for a coffee with. I hope he doesn't mind that it's included in the post/img. In the picture you might notice a man-bag and leather cup+dice... Yeah those.. They aren't included in the LCE, I got them from him. So thanks, it's very appreciated.

I really need to go get a haircut. My hair is long and untamed and it's annoying the crap out of me. So yeah I'm comparing my hair to MacGyver's and I stand by my comparison. I feel like I have the ugliest mullet in the history of mullets. If there was an award for Fugglet (Fucking Ugly Mullet) of the Year.. Let's call it FOTY... I think I could/should be nominated..

I almost wish Tommix1 would steal this and nominate his choice for this years FOTY.

And lastly, as a tangent to Fable III.. I'm thinking about sculpting a Hobbe, seeing as Fable II LCE should have included a Hobbe it only makes sense that I would just make one myself. This is one of the reference pictures I have chosen as inspiration for the sculpture. I don't actually know if I'll ever make it, but one (I) can always hope I find the time and inspiration for it.

And done. Now go away.