Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Gift He Couldn't Refuse

When the Godfather gives gifts, you don't refuse them. Especially if they're awesome!

Today, the Godfather decided to randomly give Boons an Angry Bird. I suspect I'm probably more happy about it than he is, especially since he doesn't really know what Angry Birds are. Hmm, maybe I should let him play it sometime just to see what he thinks. Either way, I thought it was a pretty nice gift/gesture, so here I am, shamelessly blogging about it. I actually took a better picture of Boons first, where he was looking into the camera smiling and all, unfortunatly my camera decided to spaz out at that particular moment, so in this next photo he's back to watching Alfons Ã…berg again. Easily distracted mind I guess, can't really blame him though since he sort of (and by "sort of" I mean totally) gets it from me. Anyway, it's still some nice pictures, so enjoy!