Monday, 9 May 2011

Unvenomous Snakes?

Hmm.. Yeah, that title makes even less sense then they usually do. Anyway. Yeah, I've promised to update you about the whole coffee situation, and I will. But not right now, I'm too tired to write an essay about my various experiences with different coffees. So until then here are two pictures, one of my former comrade in the caffeinated world, the diarrhea machine.. and one of the new awesome machine that's requires more effort, kind of.. but the coffee, oh your god the coffee.. it's not even comparable to the shit I used to drink. I can't imagine ever going to back to shit like Kulta Katrina or Juhla Mokka.. not when I have coffees like Conquista Blend, Sulawesi and Barahona. Next I'm probably going to have to get a coffee grinder though, a manual burr grinder would be really nice. But more of that when I'm less tired.