Monday, 16 May 2011

Whoring Myself

Yes. For once I have a title that says it all, right to the point, no subtleties or discretion here. No Sir and/or Madam!

So here's my dilemma. I really want a digital kitchen scale so that I can start measuring coffee by mass instead of volume, that would be grams instead of ml for the less intelligent ones of you.. (Good start Carlos, insult them to get on their good side). Measuring this way will be even more handy when I start grinding my own beans. Also totally more accurate as different grinds won't matter since the mass doesn't change even if the volume does (and trust me.. it does). But.. despite the fact that I have Paypal, I can't actually use it. Because apparently you have to validate your Paypal account with a credit or debit card, which I of course don't have, and wouldn't really want either.

So in a sense, I am now whoring myself, to see if anyone would to purchase a digital kitchen scale for me? Pretty penis with please on top?

I already feel incredible dirty.. but since I have gotten the metaphorical ball(s) rolling now I might as well continue. Here's a link in case you feel like checking out the incredible cheap scale I have found. Because yeah, not only am I whoring myself, I'm also very cheap. So for only 4.45 € you can now own a small part of my soul. Yeah I know, my soul is pretty dirty by now and the second hand market for inferior souls is less than good, but hey, who knows. I might even make you your very own diploma to frame and hang up. Come to think I could totally do that.

I did the math again. Yeah I know what they say, if you do the math, you're good at counting things.

Anyway, according to I'm worth $ 2,497,650. Holy bat-accessory that's a lot! So with current exchange rates that would become 1,754,460.52 €. Which means for 4.45 € you could be the very proud (although probably not) owner of roughly 0.0002 % of my soul. Now if that isn't as good a deal as any, than I don't really understand the concept of what constitutes a good deal. Of course, if someone out there really actually feels like buying a digital kitchen scale for me I would reimburse you with the money you spent.. well that.. or I could actually make you a professionally printed diploma that looks like this;

Any takers?