Thursday, 5 May 2011

Uneasy ( but kind of awesome) Listening

For lack of other things to blog about, and whilst I'm waiting for more results for the things I will blog about soon, here a review (yeah, that's right) about HIM's Uneasy Listening album. Released originally in 2007 one could say that this review is.. hmm.. a bit late? Which albeit entirely true also highly irrelevant, like I've said before, I'm sort of, kind of going to blog about whatever I feel like. And well, I happen to feel like blogging about this now. Besides I have no more news on the Ukulele front yet anyway. Sad, I know, but alas so true. So whilst we're all eagerly awaiting the coffee results and some 'effin pictures of sanded (grinded?) Ukulele's, until then.. this will have to do.

Uneasy Listening by HIM (the band) is I think an album where Ville Valo (the vocalist) really gets to shine in ways he hasn't shone (or shined if you prefer that) before. All in all, some songs are more lacking, or just plain out a bit boring but the album as a whole. Awesome! Their own rough and acoustic version of Buried Alive by Love is so brilliant in my mind, that I actually prefer it over the original. Artists rarely outshine themselves when going acoustic, take Britney Spears for instance. No specific harm meant to Britney, she's been picked on enough as it is, and really? Maybe, just maybe, shaving your head wasn't the best of ideas. Anyway. I tried youtubing her doing an acoustic version of any of her songs, couldn't find one. So instead of Britney Spears.. I present you with Kristin Rian, a norweigan Country/Pop Singer-Songwriter (I hope I got that right now..) doing an acoustic piano version of Britney Spears's Everytime. It's p'rty good, do have a listen. Scratch that.. it's really really good.

But.. back to Uneasy Listening, like I already said. I like it, so yeah, there you have it. I like it, it's good.

tl;dr edition

I'll give HIM's Uneasy Listening 4 drunk and passed out Finnish people out of 5. And Kristin Rian gets 5 klippfiskar out of 5. I've had Norwegian klippfisk by the way, and even though I personally thought it was awful, like chewing on piece of salty wood, in this context it's a good thing. Yeah, I know, it makes no sense but just go with it.