Saturday, 22 December 2012

A Slight Delay of Plans

As I am sure you've all noticed I haven't uploaded a Christmas song yet. Don't worry. The plan is still to record and upload it. But after yesterday's company party and today's hangover I simply wasn't up for singing the song just yet. That and the fact that it isn't quite ready yet. As in I'm still writing it. I'm hoping that at the very latest I will have done by Christmas.

At least that's the plan I have set out. Now whilst I know it deviates from the original plan of "today" it's still close enough to be valid. I'll just have to put off going to Disneyland for a couple of days. Which is fine. So a new plan is born. Out of necessity rather than anything else. And I'm fine with that too.

Until then, here's another video of a Russian guy playing acoustic guitar. Only this time it's "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses. It's still just as feckin awesome though. Enjoy.