Thursday, 13 December 2012

I'm Thankful For This Shitty Song

This shitty song almost makes me want to kill myself. But only almost. The fact that this shitty song has over 13 million views, now that, makes me want to kill myself.

But instead of actually "offing" myself I'm just going to continue to write sad and brooding songs called "Most Lesbians" or "My Undying Love For You Will Never Decompose (But My Body Might)".

Speaking of which, I haven't uploaded a recording using my new equipment yet. I should really do that as soon as this cold I've caught — or flu or whatever — subsides. My voice isn't its best right now because of it. But at least — thankfully and finally — my singing voice has normalized more since I stopped smoking.

At some point I want to start recording and uploading unfinished songs, riffs, or just random bits. Basically the musical equivalent of a sketch. Why? Well, no real particular reason other than the fact that I personally think the result is never quite as interesting as how you got there. So, in that spirit I should contribute with my process of working.

In the end, it's probably mostly because I'm a self-indulging narcissist. But let's at least pretend I'm doing it for the good of mankind… or whatnot.