Monday, 3 December 2012

The Other Kind of Writing

Today I'm writing and rewriting copy (text) for my website. Pretty much all of my earlier copy is being revised, reworded or simply removed to make room for better copy. Some of it is shit, some of it is okay and some of it is actually still  — surprisingly — good and probably won't need as much work. Here's a few movies I can recommend for you whilst you wait. Solaris, a science fiction-psychological drama from 2002 starring George Clooney. Creepy good but not for those who don't like a bit of thinking. Paranorman, a 3D stop-motion animated comedy horror film from 2012 made by the same studio — Laika — that made the beautiful and excellent Coraline. I'm not actually going to spoil this one at all but if you're even the slightest fan of stop-motion animation or their earlier Coraline, you need to see this movie right now.

Also, have a comic why don't you.

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