Saturday, 29 December 2012

Five Gold Rings

This post title makes no sense without the previous post title. And the only reason I point that out is because some time, in the not so distant future, someone might find this post and they might wonder "What the fuck?!" this ppost relates to "The Twelve Days of Christmas" -song. Rest assured. It doesn't. But if I've kept you so far here's a link to the lyrics… bye.

Now, that we finally got rid of those people, let's get real. And when I say real, I don't actually mean real "real", I mean I'm going to tell you what I ate for Christmas real.

Chicken. A nicely sized 1.5 kg chicken roasted in an oven, with spices. The usual spices like pepper, salt and olive oil. Oh, and also raisins (or sultanas as some might call it). It was actually pretty good although a bit weird. Then we had Christmas pudding, which is well… sweet and "no thank you". We had Holly as decorations for the table. We also kept Finlandsvenska traditioner alive like watching Kalle Anka (which is actually a Nordic tradition, but it is one that has always been and important tradition for the Swedish speaking people of Finland) and the giving of Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.

We also had gingerbread cookies that I personally made because, well… gingerbread cookies with actually ginger in them is pretty weird to me. Our gingerbread cookies don't have that. They do have pepper though, which seems to be a spice that isn't quite as common here. At least not the fun and unexpected places.

We also had Swedish meatballs. I say Swedish because that's what it said on the packaging but it could've just as well been Scandinavian meatballs. Good though.

So, in the end… what we basically did was, take a chicken, stuff it with English stuff and eat it one day before Christmas (on the Eve of Christmas) instead of the day. Then we just continued celebrating how best we pleased, regardless of the consequences.

Counting down to New Year Eve.

Which we're obviously going to mix-and-match as well.